A Moon of Saturn, A Possible Ocean, Wild Speculation

Evolutionary speculation does wonders for the mind — it makes one wonder if some people can think productively. They are so locked into their billions of years and "deep time" presuppositions that contrary evidence is ignored, dismissed and even rewritten through blatant deception. (Yet, when we point out their logical fallacies and point out errors in the science, we are called liars.) Saturn's moon Enceladus is an example of cold reality being given the "spin", and problems with the speculations are ignored. Especially how the planets and satellites fit the creationist models and defy evolutionary cosmology.

NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute
Far too often, evolutionists present unsupportable assumptions as facts, and will give speculations that are actually laughable. Unfortunately, Darwin Drones believe that stuff. Some of the science reports about the possibility of an ocean of water on Enceladus started off with reasonable extrapolations based on real science. Then it got weird, even to the point of assuming that the water had life, therefore, the entire universe is full of life. Oh, please. While much of the blame is on the press, the scientists are not exactly helping matters.
News media are jumping over an announcement that Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have a large body of water under its icy crust, but what does it mean?
Cassini scientists, publishing in Science Magazine, announced indirect evidence (via Doppler measurements of gravity anomalies during flybys) that Saturn’s little geysering moon Enceladus probably has a sub-surface ocean of liquid.  The data cannot resolve whether the ocean is regional or global, but is probably regional: “Although the gravity data cannot rule out a global ocean, a regional sea is consistent with the gravity, topography, and high local heat fluxes and does not suffer from the thermal problems that a global ocean encounters,” they said.  That’s because keeping water liquid requires a suitable heat source – the more water, the more heat required:
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