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Monday, April 7, 2014

Genetic Clock Research Disputes Evolutionary Predictions

Your genetic clock is ticking. For every generation, DNA in a species is modified and becomes less similar to that found in the "parents". When using mathematical calculations from secular scientists and their assumptions, their DNA predictions fail.

Genetic clocks disagree with evolution
Derived from "Clock" and "Modified DNA" at Clker.com
Creation science researchers used the same mathematics and came up with preliminary results. These dispute evolutionists' results and affirm the calculations and predictions from a young earth biblical creationist model.
Ticking within every species is a “clock” of sorts that measures the length of time that a species has existed on the earth. Since DNA is passed on imperfectly from parent to offspring, each generation grows more genetically distant from prior generations. Consequently, with each successive generation reproductively isolated groups within species grow more and more genetically distant from each other. 
This is true for DNA found not only in the nucleus of the cell but also in the cellular energy factories termed mitochondria. Mitochondrial DNA is present in both males and females, but unlike nuclear DNA, it is inherited only from mothers. Thus, mitochondrial DNA differences among modern individuals within a created “kind” trace back to the maternal ancestor of the kind.
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