What Does the Resurrection of Jesus Have To Do With Creation?

Someone may ask why creation science ministries discuss theology and the historical fact of the bodily Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Biblical creationists take Genesis very seriously, as it is the foundation for all major Christian doctrines. Jesus is God the Creator, the second person of the Trinity, who became a man. He suffered on the cross for our sins, reconciling those who receive him to God, rose from the dead and defeated death. Jesus is "the last Adam", not, "the latest in a chain of evolutionary processes". Jesus and the apostles referred to Genesis as literal history, not as allegorical or fictional. Biblical creationists would like to plead our case to other Christians and show them why Genesis matters.

Rembrandt, "Resurrection of Christ", 1639
Below is a short video discussing "The Resurrection and Genesis", and here is a link to the article under discussion, which has a great deal of useful information that could not be covered in this video. I wish you a blessed Easter in celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus!