Even the Mole Troubles Evolution

Many people find various creatures to be creepy or annoying, and sometimes both. Darwin's Cheerleaders are unable to have a coherent explanation for the evolution of the mole because (yet again) the fossil record is a hostile witness. Creationists see the different kinds of moles as yet another testimony to the wisdom of the Master Designer.
For fans of Kenneth Grahame’s classic The Wind in the Willows, mention of a mole conjures up images of a quaint bespectacled creature renowned for his loyalty to his friends. However, to most residents of Europe, Britain and the US, moles are simply pesky animals that leave behind untidy molehills, destroy crops and fields, and damage tree roots and plants with their burrowing. 
Neither conception does justice to the remarkable physical traits of the mole. Classified in the family Talpidae and the insect-eating order Insectivora, moles have an array of design features perfect for their subterranean lifestyle.
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