Is Easter a Pagan Holiday, and Should Christians Celebrate It?

Some people claim that Easter is based on pagan origins. Not true. Those ideas came from bad research. Here are some links to far better material.
This is written primarily for Christians, although unbelievers may be interested in the historical and cultural material.

Edited 10 April 2022, added a video at the end that addresses some of these issues and more.

It is interesting that some mockers will ridicule Christians by saying, "You celebrate Easter! That's a pagan holiday!" The joke is on them because they are simply parroting bad information that conflicts with scholarly research.

Unfortunately, some Christians also believe this pagan origins stuff; there are even modern Christian sources (such as Got that pass along erroneous information. It is sad when some Christians will use the same bad sources as misotheists in their efforts to scold other Christians for celebrating Easter. Ignorance of actual history is bad enough, but looking down on brethren in Christ out of pride and out of disdain for the Bible that they claim to believe is far worse. Even if the claims that the origin of the word "Easter" and the celebration time were of pagan origins were true, that does not excuse their trampling of Scriptures and having judgmental attitudes (see Romans 14.5-13).

As we shall see, saying "Happy Easter" is not evil, nor is it promoting a mostly-forgotten Mesopotamian goddess. Substituting the phrase "Resurrection Sunday" because you detest the word Easter is a wrong motive. However, I am not happy with the word Easter because of the connotations involving pastel eggs, Peter Cottontail and sickly-sweet marshmallow candies. I prefer using the word "Resurrection" so people can know where I stand. But I won't tell others that they must use that term or forbid them from referring to Easter.

"But we're not commanded to celebrate Easter. Or Christmas!"

So? We do a lot of things we're not commanded to do. Nor are we commanded not to celebrate. Again, see Romans 14.5-13. Also, Jesus celebrated Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication, see John 10:22-23. This kind of "logic" of forbidding what is not commanded not only violates our liberty according to Scripture, but tells us that God in the flesh was sinning!

Thanks for hearing me out. Now, for some articles that I think are fascinating as well as useful.
If you want support for that first excellent article and to go a bit further, here you go:
I hope you have a great celebration (or non celebration) as you choose, without judging others. And hope that you will learn the facts.