Beards, Therefore, Evolution

People will interpret things according to their worldview. This includes their experiences, education, religion, upbringing and presuppositions. It is not unexpected when proponents of evolution will attempt to interpret data using an evolutionary framework, as creationists will interpret data within a creationist framework. But sometimes evolutionists get ludicrous when they attribute just about everything to evolution.

Now it is posited that beards are a product of evolution. Yes, really. But this smacks of desperation (or possibly obsession), since the research is extremely slipshod. But it is true to other evolutionary models: Incomplete data while ignoring better explanations.
Noting shifting fashions in men’s facial hair, some evolutionists are trying to link them to Darwinism. 
It’s not controversial that beards go in and out of style; they’re hip now, but may be on the way out. What should make men twirl their mustaches is the notion that their morning soliloquy, “To shave or not to shave,” is an evolutionary force acting on them, making them pawns of unguided natural processes. 
No less than Science Magazine bought into this idea, along with the BBC News (“Beard Trend Is Guided by Evolution”) and Medical Xpress. According to some evolutionary biologists who did some attractiveness surveys with a limited number of participants in Australia, beards are seen as more sexy and attractive when they are the exception, not the rule, and vice versa for the clean-shaven.
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