What about Creationists and Peer Review?

Creation scientists and peer review
"Why don't you write a paper that refutes evolution, get it peer reviewed and get a Nobel Prize?", he smirked. Similarly, "Show me proof of creation, but only from peer reviewed sources", she insisted.

Generally, there are some assumptions made with statements and questions like that:
  • Creation science is not "real" science
  • Creationist scientists are not "real" scientists
  • Creationist scientists do not publish in scientific journals, nor have they had their work peer reviewed
  • Peer review guarantees that the material is accurate
  • Peer review us uncluttered with biases and personal views
Also, people making such statements are showing ignorance of what really goes on in the peer review process, and that the Nobel Prize has been awarded to people who were rejected by the peer review process. It is a valid process, but peer review does have some serious drawbacks. And yes, creationist scientists do publish in scientific journals. But do you think a creationist scientist presenting evidence for the global Flood or how DNA findings refute evolution would be welcomed by secularists who get grant money from evolution? I'm a frayed knot.

The two links above give some excellent information. But wait, there's more! Here is a short video to put things into perspective and give some eye-opening information.