For the Love of Scientism

People are enamored with science. It is understandable, because scientists have given us fascinating glimpses deep into the universe, improved lifespans, advanced our technology and much more. Unfortunately, it goes beyond appreciation for the achievements of scientists. There seems to be a cult-like following of scientists.

Source: U.S. Navy

They are put on a pedestal and made into an all-knowing elite group. (Some people recognize this and joke, "Scientists have discovered that people will believe anything when you say 'scientists have discovered that. . . '") This has been happening for a long time. In fact, "science" is spoken of as if it was a living being; watch for the reification when people say, "Science says". It is "scientism", where people are practically worshiping science and scientists. Sorry, but scientists are people and science is not an entity.

Scientists speak of historical science (using what exists in the present to try and determine what happened in the past), exceeding the limits of their knowledge and making metaphysical pronouncements with certainties. People accept this, and attack skeptics of the science used to support evolution, an ancient universe and more as indulging in "denial of reality". However, evolutionists accept such "science", rejecting evidence against evolution and a young universe from their own pride, arrogance and blind faith. One might even say that it is fantasy dressed up as science if one was so inclined.
God has given us a clear history in the biblical account.  Genesis Chapter 1, from a straightforward reading, describes the history of the planet Earth, the solar system and the whole universe starting not much more than 6000 years ago. This is based on the genealogies, the historical records of father and son, found written in chapters 5 and 11. Add these up and eventually you get to a point in history that is well-known and then you have an estimate of the time that has passed since creation. This exercise will only result in a history of about 6000 years.

Deep time

Then why is this so hard for many people to accept? The answer does not really lie with science. It is because most people believe anything they are told if it comes with the stamp of approval of science. This is actually scientism not science. It is a belief system, a worldview; a worldview that man’s knowledge through science has all the answers or that science ultimately will find all the answers.
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