Conversation With Dr. Russell Humphreys on Magnetic Fields

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On Real Science Radio, Bob Enyart interviewed Dr. D. Russell Humphreys about magnetic fields, emphasizing those of Earth and Mercury. Dr. Humphreys made predictions from a biblical creationist viewpoint which were confirmed — much to the dismay of evolutionary scientists. He has also studied the decay of Earth's magnetic field.

Artist concept of the MESSENGER spacecraft in orbit around planet Mercury. Credit: NASA
The confirmed predictions of Humphreys fit well with a biblical creation model, and defy proponents of an old universe. Decaying magnetic fields support a young universe, and unsupportable "theories" such as the "dynamo" are conjured up in order to cling to their belief in an old universe.
Boy do the atheists have a problem: Real Science Radio co-host Bob Enyart interviews physicist Russ Humphreys on the Earth and Mercury's rapidly decaying magnetic fields, and on Dr. Humphreys' fulfilled predictions about the magnetism of the distant planets Uranus and Neptune. With Earth losing 10% of it's magnetic field in just the last 150 years, and Mercury's even faster drop, materialists have to appeal, once again, to claims of wildly coincidental occurrences to explain our observation of such rapid loss on planets that are allegedly billions of years old.
You can read the article and listen to the audio at "Earth & Mercury's Decaying Magnetic Fields".