Math, Logic and Fundamentally Flawed Presuppositions

"Ow!", he cried out into the uncaring darkness of the living room.

"What happened?", she asked, almost concerned.

"You left out a number six and I tripped over it. Can't you put those things away when you're through with them?"

What a stupid concept. Numerals are not tangible objects that can be tripped over or skipped across a pond. If you write the number "6" on a chalkboard, you have a representation of the numeral six, not "sixness" itself. If you erase that number from the chalkboard, the numeral of six continues to exist.

Laws of logic are also intangible. You cannot put the law of identity in your pocket. You can type it out and then delete what you typed, but deleting your physical representation of the law does not cause it to cease to exist.

Atheists and evolutionists are generally materialistic in their presuppositions. That is, they claim that the only reality is the material world, those things perceived by the senses or can be examined through the scientific method. They also use mathematics and logic, and this shows that their worldview is fundamentally flawed. (Many of their claims are immediately self-refuting, such as, "The only real knowledge that exists comes from scientific examination". How does the claimant know that? Through what scientific method did he or she arrive at that truth claim?) Mathematics could not possibly have evolved, either.

Materialists use logic and mathematics, which are intangible in nature. In fact, some branches of mathematics rely on imaginary numbers (try asking your calculator for the square root of negative one)! Materialists cannot account for these transcendental concepts, but they are a part of the biblical creationist worldview. The greatest irony is that they cannot account for knowledge itself apart from God, and have to rely on our worldview in order to argue against God and creation!

On Real Science Radio, Bob Enyart discusses the transcendental concept of mathematics and how genius can be achieved on the back of an envelope. The audio of the broadcast (free download or streaming audio) as well as the extensive notes can be found here.

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