DNA and Misunderstood Communication

Do you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s an infinite amount more to know? Which means, no matter how much you know, you don’t know how much more there is to know anyway, which means no matter how much you know, you don’t know how much you do know or don’t know in relation to whatever there is to know (which you don’t know what it is anyway) which means
you just don’t know much at all.
— Ken Ham

The more scientists study DNA, the more discoveries there are to make, the more they find out that there is a great deal yet to learn. The assumption that every living thing speaks the same language turns out to be in error, and certain "stop" and "go" instructions in some organisms can mean something completely different in other organisms.

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Some of the Evo Sith claim that DNA is proof of evolution. The intricacies of the DNA language are definitely not that! Rather, DNA is further evidence that life was designed by an infinitely wise Creator.
The DNA code common to all living things is not quite as uniform as previously thought. Evolutionists have seen the uniformity of the genetic code as evidence for their claim that all life evolved from a common ancestor. But there is more “babel”-like variety in microbial genomes than anyone ever suspected.

“All along, we presumed that the code or vocabulary used by organisms was universal, applying to all branches of the tree of life, with vanishingly few exceptions,” says Edward Rubin, senior author of a paper just published in Science. “We have now confirmed that this just isn't so. There is a significant portion of life that uses different vocabularies where the same word means different things in different organisms.”
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