How Old are Peat Bogs?

Peat bogs are given a dire image from movies, television and literature. Sure, wetlands can be dangerous places to walk, so you need to know what you're doing. But they are also interesting places for historians and archaeologists. People, plants, various creatures and thousands of lawyers reside there. The peat itself is useful in many ways.

Instead of contradicting the biblical timeline and the Noachian Flood, peat bogs actually present a much younger earth than many uniformitarian methods indicate.
But how old are they? Some scientists will refer to peat bogs as evidence that the Bible is wrong and that the earth is old. This is done through assumptions and flawed dating methods, the worst of which is picking a sample of the deposition that fits their worldview and ignoring other data. Uniformitarian dating methods are highly misleading. Indeed, other data indicates more rapid deposition, and is in keeping with archaeological evidence.
But scientists who believe that the book of Genesis is history, not myth, understand from the Bible that the global Flood occurred about 4,500 years ago. Peat bogs of today should therefore be around this age, or younger. So does the evidence from the peat really support the secularists’ older age, or does it indicate a younger age in accordance with the biblical timeline?
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