Goal-Oriented Evolution

When reading or listening to evolutionists, some of the metaphysical elements of their worldview becomes apparent. Evolution itself is often spoken of as if it was an entity, with volition to select and even direct the changes in organisms. This is a form of pantheism. Evolution is not a being or a force. (There is only one Creator, and evolution was not his method of creation.) Nor can any creature decide to evolve another feature — or evolve itself into something else.
No animal can plan ahead how it will evolve, so why do some evolutionists talk like they do?
500-million-year-old creature was on the way to evolving jaws,” Sid Perkins titled his short article in Science Magazine, accompanied by an artist’s conception of “one of the world’s oldest known vertebrates”—a Cambrian creature named Metaspriggina from Canada.  The thumb-sized swimming creature possessed “eyes, muscle groups and the support for gills,” the article says; the upward-pointing eyes were “large and prominent.”  Moreover, “A small but sharp-edged circular area in each eye hints that the eyes of these ancient fish included a lens, a relatively modern feature for its era.”
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