Fossils in the "Wrong Place" Thwart Evolution

Evolutionary geologists and paleontologists present a geologic column that shows older to newer life forms, less complex to more complex. But that does not exist in reality! Fossils are out of order according to their belief system.

You know that geologic column that is presented in textbooks where the simplest life forms are at the bottom and the more complex life forms are at the top? It does not exist in the real world. The truth is, the thing is fouled up beyond all recognition. 

Using uniformitarian and evolutionary assumptions (as well as a generous dose of circular reasoning regarding "index fossils" that supposedly indicate the age of the layers), the orderly progression is presented as fact. It fools many people who believed their teachers who, in turn, believed their teachers. Many people will assert that the fossil record proves evolution, but that is not the case because many fossils are in the "wrong" place, so their assertions are based on misguided faith, not on actual scientific evidence. The best explanation is the global cataclysm of Noah's Flood as presented in biblical creation models.
During a recent televised debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, Mr. Nye claimed that fossils are never found “out of place.” If by this he means they are never found outside of the rock strata that define the supposed age in which the fossilized creatures lived, he’s wrong. He then challenged viewers to find one single contrary instance anywhere in the world. That’s easy.

The fossil record is not nearly as evolutionary as Mr. Nye would have us believe. It features fossils mixed in myriad strange combinations. For example, clam kinds occur all throughout Earth’s sedimentary layers, frequently mixed with dinosaurs, and the fossil clams look like today’s clams.
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