Further Dispute About "Proof" of the Big Bang

In their desperate attempts to explain the origins of the universe, living things, life itself and so on without God, secularists get hasty in their pronouncements. Once the latest great thing is proclaimed, the Evo Sith ridicule creationists by posting links — and embarrass themselves because they were arrogant too soon. In this case, the "smoking gun" proof of the Big Bang (a series of conjectures without substance) and "inflation" was in dispute a short time after it was announced is receiving further criticism.

Now scientists are saying that this "proof" is possibly nothing but dust. The scientists who thought they had proof of the Big Bang inflation disregarded this consideration, and may be regretting it. A word of caution to creationists who are alarmed at scientific findings: don't be. Just wait a while. Besides, our faith is not based on the latest whims of science, but on the unchanging Word of God.
In March 2014, a team of radio astronomers using the BICEP2 telescope announced purported direct evidence for inflation, an important part of the Big Bang model. But only two months after this “discovery” a number of secular scientists have become increasingly skeptical.

The original Big Bang model had a number of serious problems, including its own version of the starlight and time problem. In order to rescue the Big Bang from these difficulties, secular scientists proposed inflation as an ad hoc tack on to the original model. Originally, inflation was said to be an extremely rapid but very short-lived growth spurt that occurred early in the history of the universe. However, more recent ideas about inflation are radically different from those earlier versions of inflation theory.
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