Evolution and Finding God

Evolution has been an excuse to deny God and help atheists pretend that they are "intellectually fulfilled". There are other people who are seeking to have faith in God, but the presentations of evolution as a fact cause them doubt and confusion. It is not surprising, since people are not trained in critical thinking, but blind obedience. Society has come to the religion of Scientism, elevating science and making scientists its priests. Further, evolutionists present their beliefs in slick packages with great storytelling. Of course, they leave out facts that controvert their presentations.

When people actually examine the evidence, they will see that evolution does not have a leg to stand on or a tail by which to swing. The evidence supports what the Bible says, and it also supports biblical creation science. A letter to CMI and the response by a former atheist is presented.
I watched David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals today. Although I cannot accept life from zero, it seems hard to reconcile the fossils and skeletal forms that have been collected from around the world. Certainly, it makes the Adam and Eve story seem a pleasant story for simple folk. Can Christianity really adhere to a young earth when fossil records, notwithstanding C14 problems, show the earth to be many times older? Cosmology is at odds here as well.
You can read the rest in context at "A Hard Time Finding God".