Should Christians Teach Children About Evolution?

Occasionally, some creationists will post comments along the lines of, "I'll only teach the truth of creation to my kids, none of that evil-ution stuff in my house!" Unfortunately, this well-intentioned mindset does a disservice to young people because they cannot be insulated from evolution because it is pervasive and foundational to all sorts of evil. / "Studying Hard" / twinkledee

Instead, we must present evolution — but within a biblical framework. We need to show not only the evidence that overwhelmingly supports creation and the Bible, but also the flaws of evolution that are seldom presented in a secular setting. Further, we need to teach them to think critically so they can see the flaws in the logic of evolution's proponents, and that evidence is interpreted through worldviews. Otherwise, when evolution is presented to them as fact (including "evidence" that is nothing more than speculations, hypotheses and even guesswork), they may very well become confused and even accept the propaganda.

Cheri Fields, proprietor of the site "Creation Science 4 Kids" and its companion Facebook Page was homeschooled herself, and is homeschooling her own children. She makes a clear, compelling argument why we should teach evolution.
It was Summer, 2012. I’d just started writing about kids and creation science when a prominent media ‘science guy’ came out with a video claiming you can’t do science without evolution. I couldn’t wait to respond, and knew just whom to interview. My brother was now an engineer and had been homeschooled from the beginning. It would take a simple phone call to collect the proof I needed.

Before I dialed the number, though, my heart quailed: years ago, my brother had adopted the world’s priorities and standards instead of God’s.
You can read the rest of her story at "Why I teach my kids evolution".