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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Active Solar System Defies Deep-Time Proponents

Here's something to cogitate on. According to evolutionary reckoning (presuppositions, circular reasoning, making stuff up and so on), the solar system evolved billions of years ago. Based on that time frame, the planet Mercury, Earth's moon, assorted satellites throughout the solar system should be inactive rocks. 

Not hardly. There are signs of "recent" volcanic eruptions even by evolutionary time scales. Worse for evolutionary scientists, other celestial objects are being recalcitrant toward "deep time". Observed evidence shows a young solar system. Naturally, the scientists make assertions and excuses without plausible models, or just ignore what they see, in order to cling to an ancient universe. To see their bad news, saddle up and ride over to "Mercury, Moon May Still Be Erupting".

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