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by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Based on evidence and observations, I reckon that it's is reasonable to conclude that anti-creationists want us silenced. Some of those tinhorns are instituting legislation to make the teaching of creation science illegal. Over the years and scattered throughout the nearly one thousand posts and articles on this site alone, there is documentation of deception, double standards, outright lies and fraud, terrible logic and more on the part of the anti-creationists — if they can't silence us through legislation and activist judges, these bigots resort to bullying and intimidation tactics.

For example, secularists organized a protest at an Answers in Genesis conference — at a church, on private property, attendance was voluntary, so it was none of their business. Their attacks on biblical Christians are escalating. In one sense, articles like this are almost immediately somewhat outdated, because new examples of atheist and anti-creationist bigotry occur daily.

At The Question Evolution Project on Facebook (there is also a version of it on Google Plus), I posted an article about the wrongful dismissal discrimination lawsuit by Mark Armitage. Someone decided to post comments insulting Mr. Armitage, and showing atheo-fascist bigotry:
"Fair Use" for education and information.

Since I am not much of a follower of sports, the next two items were furnished to me. The first one is about how an NFL football commentator made a remark about his lack of belief in evolutionism. He was strongly attacked. Second, I was tipped off about how baseball player Curt Schilling argued against evolution on Twitter. A surprisingly good article about Schilling's experience is here, and if you do a search for this topic, you'll see some amazingly vitriolic posts against him.

Because I have Weblogs and some Pages supporting biblical creation science, I have my share of stalkers and attackers. Nowhere near the level of the major creation science ministries, however! But it's to be expected (John 15.20-23, 2 Tim. 3.12). Ironically, they are increasing my rewards, as Jesus promised in Matthew 5.11-12. I dared to speak against an irrational atheopath's hero, Bill Nye the Lying Guy (that's right, I said it, see this short video on "Dishonest Debate Tactics" and also "Did Bill Nye Lie About Creationists and Climate Change?"), and was relentlessly stalked by this guy for years as punishment. (Click here if you want to see one of his many spam 'n' post screeds against me, majoring (incorrectly!) on something unimportant, and decide if this is the product of a sound mind, or just unsubstantiated libelous raving.) Oh, there are others, including the guy that spread rumors that my wife is dead (which was news to her), and fakers. I'm just one of many biblical creationists under attack, and my ministry is not exactly huge.

They cannot compete with us when it comes to an actual discussion of the ideas. People will attack with bad logic, outdated science, prejudicial conjecture, assertion of opinions, and more (Psalm 14.1, Prov.18.2, Prov. 1.7). Very few have bothered to actually understand what we really believe and teach from actual sources, but instead, they get their information from biased anti-creationists. Since they cannot defeat us using the tenets of reason and logic that they (poorly) uphold, they resort to attacks and censorship to silence us.

On a surface level, why? People can disagree on so many things, such as which brand of auto is most reliable, the best way to bake bread, a referee's bad call in last night's Big Game, many other things — and still remain civil. Why do biblical creation science and Christian apologetics cause atheopaths and other anti-creationists to go on a jihad?

It is not about reason, logic and evidence. If this was the case, everyone would be a biblical creationist because we have abundant evidence! This is a battle on a spiritual level more than intellectual, and that's why many of us will not use "neutral ground", which is a myth. Although atheists often proclaim that they are on a mission to "protect" science, real science does not need to be protected. Real science thrives on examining the evidence so scientists can arrive at the best possible explanation. But evolution is a cornerstone of the religion of atheism. Evolution is also fundamental for liberal religious views. Atheism, old-earth creationism, Hugh Ross' strange views, theistic evolution, other forms of liberal Christianity are all based on rebellion against the authority of God's Word (Romans 1.18-22). The truth is painful for some people because of this rebellion. Those who call themselves Christians but compromise with atheistic interpretations of science philosophies need to put the spurs to themselves and do some serious self-examination. The truth hurts, but repenting, humbling ourselves, and submitting to the truth of God's Word is the best thing to do.
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Rebels are going to get it in the end.
I was informed that the bullfighters enter the ring to kill the bull.