How Do Evolutionists Hijack Real Science?

One of the most frequent tricks that Darwinists utilize is a word game. If you commence to having a discussion, you often need to define your terms, as definitions are vital for effective and accurate communication. The word "evolution" can have at least seven meanings, not including special uses like games and products. When you do an online search for "define evolution", you'll most likely see several links about Darwin's general theory of goo-to-you evolution.

One meaning of biological evolution (aside from the ridiculous "change of time" vagueness) is variation, or possibly horizontal evolution. That refers to observed changes within limits with things like breeds of dogs, horses, birds or whatnot. But when the Evo Sith will point to these observed changes, they will pull a bait 'n' switch by equivocating this kind of evolution with the general theory of evolution. "Look! We have proof of evolution!", telling you that if you see small-scale change within limits, then it's proof of microbes-to-microbiologist evolution. Not hardly! Using observed science to tell us that it proves Darwin's failed hypothesis is one way that they try to hijack science.

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When Lenski ran an experiment over several years on some bacteria, he found changes. The changes involved mutations that may have been "beneficial" (a matter of perspective), but the genetic information was not new, but changed and rearranged. And it was all in a lab environment, not in the wild. Bad news for evolutionists is that the studies actually affirm biblical creation! Sure, evolutionists will dispute information that refutes their worldview (some are so brilliant, they do not need to understand, or even read, reports of contrary evidence before calling creationists "liars"). But saying, "That's not true!", or, "No it isn't!" is not a refutation.
Dr. Richard Lenski’s long-term evolution experiment with E. coli is commonly used to support evolution without distinction between observable limited change and unobservable molecules-to-man evolution. Many publications in scientific journals have described the mutations that have provided these bacteria with a benefit in their laboratory environment. A close look at the biochemical basis behind these mutations shows that the vast majority of fitness benefits are due to the disruption, degradation, or loss of unique genetic information. Furthermore, mutations that result in a gain of novel information have not been observed. As the idea of evolution from a simple, common ancestor requires the accumulation of novel genetic information over a long period of time, Lenski’s experiment then actually provides evidence against this idea and instead supports a Biblical creation model of life and origins.
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