Badgering Evolution with Reality

The American badger is not a critter to be trifled with, and can be meaner than an evolutionist presented with paradigm-shifting facts about creation. It's a marvel of design in many ways. One amazing feature is how it's built for digging (just look at the claws sometime), and digs faster than an overworked cowboy spending money after a cattle drive. Even the fur of badgers is built for the rigors of burrowing, what with being able to switch around when changing direction and so forth. Another sign of its design is the way it carefully plans its hunting. / beeki
The badger does not cooperate with evolutionary ideas, either. "Old" fossils show little if any difference from existing badgers. Naturally, Darwin's Cheerleaders will use terms like "evolutionary stasis" (which is an escape hatch for when there is no sign of evolution, though other times, they claim it is an irresistible force). The genetic similarities of badgers to similar animals supports the biblical creationist worldview of the kinds of animals that diversified after the great Genesis Flood.
The badger hates being ‘badgered’. On one occasion, when an American badger was brought to a football field as a mascot, it got badgered. So it started digging, went under the football field and escaped!

Such behavior usually leaves the badger, specifically the American badger, with the image of being a nuisance. Few articles can be found showcasing them in a positive light.
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