Washing Your Brain — While You Sleep!

Years ago, an American advert showed a woman saying, "I'm cleaning my oven — while I sleep!" The product was for a spray can of oven cleaner. While I was cognating on the article linked below, I vaguely remembered that advert.

Those of us with a bent for psychology know that the mind is awake when the body is sleeping. Dreams seem to be a way for the subconscious to work things out, maybe even clean and sort. In the Bible, God revealed things in dreams. (Does he do that now? Maybe, but not for adding onto Scripture.) Some scientists studied what happens while we sleep. You see, even cells have waste matter, and that gets cleaned up. But the structure of the brain is markedly different. It turns out that the brain gets physically cleaned out during the sleep process.

Scientists studying this were using the language of design, but fell short of actually giving credit to the Designer. Although they have no models, mechanisms or explanations, they still cling to the faith of "EvolutionDidIt".
What makes sleep so mentally refreshing? University of Rochester neuroscientist Jeff Iliff addressed the crowd gathered at a September 2014 TEDMED event and explained his amazing new discoveries. The words he used perfectly match what one would expect while describing the works of an ingenious designer.

Other organs rely on the lymphatic system to remove metabolic waste that builds up in the spaces outside cells, but no lymph vessels exist behind the skull. Since the brain uses a fourth of all the body’s energy, there must be some other mechanism at work to clear away brain waste. Iliff and his colleagues discovered this mechanism and published their findings in the journal Science Translational Medicine in 2012.3 In his TED talk, Iliff described his team’s findings using the appropriate language of design.
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