Your Tax Dollars Funding NASA Evolutionary Non-Science

What determines if something can be considered a "science"? Normally, it seems that certain things need to be studied in some detail, and it becomes a science. Nowadays, something can be declared to be a science because it supports evolutionary preconceptions. The fairly young pseudoscience is getting tax money for studying something that isn't even there, but uses assumptions and hypotheses based on materialistic evolutionary ideas. I reckon that our tax money could be spent on more useful things than on bolstering anti-God ideas.
Astrobiology has yet to establish that it has a subject to study, but NASA is giving millions of tax dollars to multiple teams, including SETI researchers.

It’s no surprise that Astrobiology Magazine published smiling faces from 7 teams joining the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) that will be receiving an average of $8 million in taxpayer funds. Here’s the stated justification:
You can read the excuses (oops, sorry, it did say "justification", after all) and commentary by clicking on "NASA Throws Tax Millions to Evidence-Free Astrobiology Projects".