Evolutionary Thinking is Unnatural

One way to see if a worldview has validity is to look for arbitrariness. Making truth claims that have no support is a red flag. There are people who claim that atheism is the natural state of a newborn infant, and religious views are added in. If you cognate on that for a while, you'll realize that it's irrational and unsupported. Unfortunately, there are people who spread that balderdash, and I reckon it's because it comes from someone they admire who shares their existing naturalistic presuppositions, and it sounds "intellectual".

Truth is, this "born atheist" claim is the opposite of the truth. The truth is something evolutionary thinkers don't like: Children think like biblical creationists! Teaching evolutionism and that natural selection is a means to evolution is unnatural. People have to suppress what they're born with in order to use evolutionary thinking. That's one reason that there are atheistic professors who want to eradicate the inborn beliefs and religious teachings of their students, and replace that thinking with materialism.

But it doesn't "take" very well. Using arbitrary circular reasoning from their evolutionary presuppositions, some say that the inborn biblical creationist thinking must be suppressed because it's a cultural thing or even a mental illness. But those assertions further illustrate the truth of Scripture, the law of God is built in (Romans 2.15), they want to cause us to "suppress the truth in unrighteousness" (Romans 1.18-22). The truth is a burr under their saddles.

The way people do science is based on their worldviews, so an evolutionary worldview is important to them. Some make the arbitrary assertion (based on their worldviews and not on evidence) that if someone is a creationist, he or she is an idiot. Naturally, it's circular reasoning and not based on facts or anything that they can back up.

Further, "brain-based learning", the idea that the physical organ of the brain is where our free will and souls reside, is loaded with myths. Again, this is arbitrary "science" by asserting naturalistic presuppositions. Efforts to refute the truth usually come from simplistic ridicule and saying, "That's not true, you're lying!", because it goes against evolutionary worldviews. Not hardly.
Natural selection is the key concept in the evolution story explaining the existence of living objects and their properties. The concept of natural selection must also be taught to be understood, but misconceptions persist, even after instruction. Researchers found the root of their perplexity in children; they have an innate, natural, intuitive, and unlearned tendency to reason about the world as biblical creationists do. Therefore, to avoid an ongoing impediment to scientific literacy, researchers suggest that educators challenge the reasoning of children as early as possible. A survey of the scientific evidence in the first part of the paper leads to another conclusion: creationist tendencies are inescapable; evolutionary education masks or suppresses rather than replaces them. The second part of the paper focuses on brain-based learning and education. The literature indicates that educators’ conception of the brain also conflicts with children’s understanding of human nature. Two ways to avoid this are discussed.
Although this article is rather long, my reasonable assertion is that it's good material to study on. You can read the rest by clicking on "Scientific Evidence Indicates Natural Selection and Brain-Based Education Conflict with Human Nature".