Evolutionists Stitch Together the Chimpanzee Genome

One of the most popular propaganda ploys that evolutionists use is the so-called high similarity between the human and chimpanzee genomes, which is then proclaimed throughout all the world as proof that we evolved from a universal common ancestor. Check out your Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Ring™ (even the cheap new ones that don't have a whistle), and you'll see that this claim is used to justify assertions that there is no Creator, or at least, that evolution of that sort actually happened. However, the science that they hang their hopes on is nothing but choplogic.

Chimpanzee genome stitched together with assumptions and incomplete data
Credit: Pixabay / venturaartist
The chimpanzee-human genome similarity was shown to be false through re-examination by a notable creationary scientist. The whole comparison thing was bad science from the get-go, as the chimpanzee genome was actually not sequenced. Just a few portions were examined, assumptions about evolution were made, and human contamination was added to the mix. The whole shootin' match was stitched together and paraded by the faithful as a fact.
DNA is a double-stranded molecule that under certain conditions can be denatured—i.e., “unzipped” to make it single-stranded—and then allowed to zip back up. During the initial stages of DNA science in the early 1970s, very crude and indirect techniques were utilized to unzip mixtures of human and chimpanzee DNA, which were then monitored to see how fast they would zip back up compared to unmixed samples. Based on these studies, it was declared that human and chimpanzee DNA was 98.5% similar. But only the most similar protein-coding regions of the genome (called single-copy DNA) were compared, which is an extremely small portion—less than 3%—of the total genome. Also, it was later discovered by an evolutionary colleague that the authors of these studies had manipulated the data to make the chimpanzee DNA appear more similar to human than it really was. These initial studies not only established a fraudulent gold standard of 98.5% DNA similarity between humans and chimps but also the shady practice of cherry-picking only the most similar data. The idea of nearly identical human-chimp DNA similarity was born and used to bolster the myth of human evolution, something that the lack of fossil evidence was unable to accomplish.
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