Bad Bones for Human Evolution

The human evolution parade is false, and evidence continues to build up against it.

When there's news that can be even be remotely construed to support Darwinism, the science press rides like a cavalry charge to spread their propaganda, but when the evidence piles up against evolution, they hole up in the bunkhouse playing cards instead of saying, "Hey, here's things the Darwinoids got wrong!" Nope, no money in that.

Case in point, the false evolutionary parade is getting mighty blurry because various bones are being redated. According to their own methods, the whole thing just doesn't work. May as well give it up and admit that the evidence refutes evolution, and supports what biblical creationists have been saying for years.
Textbooks around the world contain the well-known illustration of walking apes transitioning into a modern human. I recently heard a college student, raised in a Christian home, say these pictures convinced her of evolution. She probably represents countless others swayed by this simplistic icon. But those willing to question the concept that man descended from apes can welcome the recent study of a discovery from China. It adds to the list of important finds that refute human evolution and its illustrations.

Researchers from Australia and China analyzed a portion of a human femur (thigh bone) found in Red Deer Cave in Yunnan Province, China, during a 1989 excavation. The researchers noted the bone looks like Homo habilis and Homo erectus femurs found in Africa. Those presumed early versions of an evolving mankind supposedly went extinct over 1.5 million years ago, but evolutionary methods dated the Chinese cave finds to only about 14,000 years ago!

What does this mean?
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