Evolutionary Research Resorts to the "DUH" Factor

When Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and others insist that intellectual and scientific progress are only possible through belief in evolution, they are actually promoting the dumbing down of Western civilization. (Sure, look what atheism and social Darwinism have done for the culture and technology of North Korea, for example.) Several Darwinistas have been not only insisting on using natural selection as the means of evolution, but point at alleged "vestigial structures" as evidence of onward and upward evolution.

Researchers in Sweden are showing blatant stupidity — and getting their "research" published. Not only are they uninformed about the differences between Salmonella and cheetahs, they "prove" natural selection by making things unfit. Then they ignore other evidence and explanations that they should have examined, even from a naturalistic standpoint. Worse for these tinhorns is that their conclusions actually support the work of the Creator through his design! While we try to keep in mind that there are evolutionists who are so indoctrinated that they are unaware of any explanations other than naturalistic evolutionism, it's a mite difficult when ideologues are so hell-bent on passing along "evidence for evolution" based on their faulty worldviews and bad logic.
A sadly misinformed press release tries to illustrate Darwinian evolution by breaking things.

Two scientists at Uppsala University make a big claim: “Evolutionary ‘selection of the fittest’ measured for the first time.” This is quite astounding on two fronts. One, that fitness could be measured, since it is merely a manifestation of the Stuff Happens Law. Two, that it took so long for someone to do it for the first time. Let’s see what this is about.
To see what it's about and learn about their serious affliction with the Galloping Stupids, click on "Proving Evolution Through Devolution".