Foolish Evolutionists Claim "Poor Design"

More and more, evolutionary scientists are not actually doing science, but are instead doing propaganda. While we all interpret data according to our presuppositions, tinhorns like Jerry Coyne, Donald Prothero, Clinton Richard Dawkins, David Levin (Seriously? David Levin?) and others insist on saying that certain features of human anatomy are "poorly designed", therefore, evolution, not a Creator. There's a self-contradiction here: God didn't make us, but evolution, which is often praised as a wise designer, did so. Is evolution a good designer or not? Doublethink in action, I reckon.

Evolutionists are not only doing bad science, but making foolish assertions where they embarrass themselves.
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These people need to rein themselves in and actually do the science stuff. Creationists point out that claims of a "backwardly-wired retina" stem from lack of knowledge as well as being agenda-based. In addition, the recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) is touted as "poor design" and also evidence of our fish ancestry. Seriously? Do they bother to do research? The reasons for the design for the RLN have been shown for many years before Darwin's Drones made their false claims. The parade of evolutionary blunders continues. Yippie ky yay, secularists!
“There you go again” is Ronald Reagan’s unforgettable line from his 1980 United States presidential election debate with incumbent President Jimmy Carter. This pithy phrase is not insulting but is certainly less than flattering. It is meant to characterize an opponent’s claim as a worn-out, ill-conceived non-truth.

Well, “there you go again” fits David Barash’s recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece. Titled “Imperfect Reproductions,” it parroted the tired evolutionary assertion that human bodies are Exhibit A for all things poorly designed.1 Barash, an evolutionary psychologist, was thrilled to review Jeremy Taylor’s book Body by Darwin,2 which itemizes several alleged examples of how the human body reflects an evolutionary history. Many evolutionists believe that sticking a “poor design” tag onto a creature’s traits constitutes scientific evidence against creation and for evolution. But that line of thinking is beset with problems.
If you have the nerve to learn the truth, finish reading the article by clicking on "The 'Poor Design' of Our Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve".