More Holes in the Evolutionary Tree of Life

The Darwin Ranch over at Deception Pass has some gloomy faces these days. Not only do they have to deal with dem dry bones fouling up their human evolution timeline, but the "tree of life" that Papa Darwin tried to grow is rotting. The more scientists learn about life, the more God's creation is obstreperous regarding man's origin mythologies. If you want the truth, it's revealed in God's Word, and not in the ever-changing speculations of people who want to deny his creative work.

Darwin's fictitious "tree of life" is full of holes, and more are being drilled in it all the time. Here are even more findings recalcitrant to evolutionism.
Image based on that old fraud Haeckel's tree of life.
Some of the recalcitrant data include organisms having holes in the wrong place and at the wrong time, critters with big pointy nasty teeth, and genetic similarities that don't fit the tree of fiction. You can read about those and more by clicking on "More Holes in Evolutionary Theory".