Living Fossils Failing to Evolve

Those things called living fossils are animals, fish, plants and so on that were thought to be extinct for millions of Darwin years, and are discovered to be doing right well, thanks. They also look pretty much the way their fossilized ancestors looked. When some owlhoot evolutionists are questioned about why the things didn't evolve over all that time, they often give the ridiculous stock answer, "They didn't have to". This flies in the face of the way evolution is portrayed, as an inexorable force that has intelligence to select and modify.

"Living fossils" have been a problem for evolutionists since Darwin's time, and more are being found. Excuses as to why things have not evolved over alleged millions of years are irrational.
Raging Horn at Osprey Reef, northeast of Queensland, Australia
Image credit: Richard Ling via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0)
So, they reckon we'll buy the story about no changes, no "environmental pressures", no "need to evolve" over all that time? No. The excuse may seem reasonable for one or two, but it's mighty poor in light of the many living fossils that have been found. The real explanation is simple: they didn't evolve because evolution didn't happen, and the Earth isn't that old in the first place.
The Deep Down Under project explores "relict faunas," living creatures with eerily similar counterparts among some of the world's oldest fossils. Deep-sea researchers used a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to look for life around Osprey Reef off Queensland's coast. They found some surprises including animals known only from faraway places and long-gone times.

The University of Bremen's Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences supplied the ROV, which took photographs, some videos, and even several specimens of the bizarre sea life in that region. Robin Beaman, Marine geologist from Australia's James Cook University, participated in the research. He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), "We found coral reef fish that had only ever been found in Tahiti."
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