Intelligence, Neanderthals, and Celebrating STDs

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Hat tip to Doug McBurney for giving some inspiration for this article.

The atoms-to-acrobat evolutionists at the Darwin Ranch have the view that people were stupid way back when. It's consistent with their philosophy, since we supposedly came from minerals, fish, animals, and up the ladder to where we are today. So, we're wired to be the best, right?

According to evolution, we're wired to be the best, and smarter than Neanderthals. From the way society is going downhill, one wonders who is smarter after all.
Image credit: Pixabay / Cornfreak
We're created in God's image but are in rebellion against him, so we're a mix of good and bad. Technological and medical advances, taming animals, the ability to compose music, write literature, and do all sorts of things that are not possible for animals to accomplish. We can also do something else that is unlike animals: self-destruct, whether individually, culturally, or destroy millions of our fellow beings in a short time. Also unlike animals, we can celebrate our downward spiral.

We've made same-sex marriage not only legal, but want people to celebrate it; the tiny minority is dominating the huge majority, even though marriage has been between a man and a woman for millennia, ever since God ordained it. Humans are happily killing our unborn children, and even celebrating murder for convenience on social media.

Our lusts continue. The Evo Sith are desperate to find ways to do away with God, and presenting the idea that monogamy is the result of germ avoidance. Love has nothing to do with it in their view. Right. Norman and Nellie Neanderthal figured out that they won't get sexually transmitted diseases if they stay faithful to one another, right? Amazing bit of guesswork there presented as "science".

Did you know that April is STD Awareness Month? Sure, and we can go to social media to brag about having a disease! Then they wonder why there's claptrap about a new super strain of gonorrhea going around. Helpful hint: heterosexual marriage and faithfulness, the way God intended it, then you won't have to worry so much (or have cause to celebrate the consequences of your lack of control).

I started out by mentioning ancient humans and evolutionary bias. According to the Bible, man was created in God's image, and wasn't a stupid partially-evolved brute that took millions of years to form. Yes, Neanderthals existed, and they were fully human, as the DNA and interbreeding indicates. Their cave paintings were too advanced to satisfy evolutionists (by the way, the dating methods caused them problems), and they did a lot of other things like us reg'lar folk. Of course, the facts don't interfere with fundamentalist evolutionists from clinging to their blind faith and telling amazingly silly stories about early man.

The Neanderthal people were smart, despite Darwinist protestations. Did they indulge in self-destructive behaviors? No records of it that I'm aware of. I can't imagine that they would use their version of social media to brag about perversion, getting a sexually transmitted disease, or abortion. We're going downhill rapidly, and it's accelerating. It's the result of sin. You know, I wonder who are really the smarter ones.