Rodents Gnaw Evolutionary Ideas

It takes courage to face the facts and admit that evolution doesn't work. Are you a man or a mouse? Come on, squeak up!

"That old joke isn't funny any more, Cowboy Bob!"

Yes, well, never mind about that now. Did you know that rats are very intelligent? And, like their arch-enemy the cat, whiskers are important for detecting the world around them, which is a good thing because their vision is not up to human standards. Domesticated rodents can be good pets, and can be affectionate; I had three rats one time. But the wild ones, all y'all should leave those well alone.

One thing for creationists to like about rodents is that they confound evolutionists on several areas.
Two Rats by Vincent van Gogh, 1884
Evolution does indeed have many problems getting support from actual evidence. Sure, anyone can spin a yarn and have people say, "Wow, scientists are clever, my, my!" But stories are not evidence. In the fossil record, rodents have always been rodents. Dating methods conflict, molecular clocks conflict with phylogeny — no, molecules-to-mouse evolution didn't happen. What did happen was that God created life, the universe, and everything recently, in six literal days.
Evolutionists claim rodents evolved from an unknown ancestor 60 million years ago. But when fossils are found of these placental mammals, they are always 100% rodents. They never show a transition from non-rodents. The evidence evolutionists use to support their contention is flimsy at best, and even they acknowledge the significant challenges in tracing the rodent family tree.
It is so uncertain where they came from that experts still dispute whether the South American rodents are more closely related to African or North American species.
If rodents evolved from evolutionary ancestors, clear evolutionary (phylogenetic) relationships should exist between rodent groups. But secular scientists’ findings are inconclusive.
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