Ancient Man and Genius Artifacts

As observed many times, people argue from their presuppositions and worldviews. We keep hearing about how archaic humans showed signs of intelligence and culture, but proponents of atoms-to-anthropologist evolution are continually baffled by this. Worse for them are the many out-of-place artifacts that show great intelligence from ages long past. The reason is that they are using evolutionary presuppositions, man had not evolved intelligence yet, so those artifacts are "out of place" and mysterious. Why do y'all think Chariots of the Gods and other "ancient alien" books were so successful? Man had to be stupid way back when, right? Not hardly!

Ancient artifacts show ancient man intelligent
Antikythera mechanism fragment, image credit: Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.5
I'm using the word artifact a bit loosely. Not only are there ancient computing devices, airplane-like gliders, batteries — and even cities. Biblical creationists should not be astonished that such things exist (aside from marveling at ingenuity), because we know that God created man intelligent from the get-go, not some stupid brute that had to gradually evolve into an intelligent being. When Noah and his family left the Ark after the Flood, they didn't begin at square one. It is possible that they had records of what had been developed before on that huge Ark. Then there's the dispersal of humanity at Babel that motivated these intelligent people to develop civilizations around the world.

Are any of the artifacts pre-Flood? Probably not, since the Genesis Flood was a violent, catastrophic event. I won't say it's impossible that some remarkable antediluvian objects have been found, but I will rule out the ancient cities. For more details, click on "Ancient civilizations and modern man — Were ancient cultures more advanced than many evolutionists believe?" You may also want to see "Why the electric battery was forgotten".