Whose Life Matters?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

I don't know about other countries, but America is very "race" conscious. Some ethnic groups claim victim status and persecution from other groups, yet little attention is given to the murders of their own "kind". We hear about the "Black Lives Matter" group, and somehow, it becomes almost acceptable in the eyes of leftist media for them to block traffic and murder police officers. A response is, "Blue Lives Matter", because we need the police to do their jobs. There's a whole heap of racism from whites, blacks, and other groups that you want to name. Somehow, the lives of unborn children are not important to many people.

Evolution and postmodernism have contributed to racial tensions; your worldview matters. Biblically, there are no "races". Here is some helpful material.
"College Liberal" "meme" inspired by comments from Doug McBurney.
This poor girl has been used in so many "memes", and was
probably just minding her own business when the picture was taken.
Did you know the word slave is based on the word Slav, as in Slavic people? They were taken to be slaves.  

Darker skin? We all have melatonin, but some are, shall we say, more melatonin enhanced that people like me who may be considered melatonin impaired. Postmodernism contributes to racism because of the absence of ultimate truth that postmodernism advocates. In addition, evolutionary thinking brought us "scientific" racism, which easily fed postmodern views. (No, I'm not saying that evolution or other philosophies are the cause of racism, that kind of attitude has been around a long, long, time.) Just study on it a moment: no ultimate truth, no Creator God, we're all just animals, survival of the fittest, do what you want to get some kind of fulfillment for yourself or your group. No ethnic group has a monopoly on discrimination. Just ask the Jews, as well as the Tibetans under Chinese occupation.

Contrast that kind of thinking to what is taught in the Bible: there are ethnic groups but no races, we are specially and separately created in God's image, Christians are to love one another and even do good to our enemies, protect the helpless, and so on. Unfortunately, there are professing Christian churches that are racist. I was going to post a link to an example, but I was too shocked by what was said there (and I don't shock easily), that I refused contaminate the site with that white supremacist nonsense. On the other side of the silver dollar, some versions of the Black Hebrew Israelite movement believe that "white" people are going to Hell. Our presuppositions make a big difference on how we interact with people, and how we view the world.

I have some material on racism and the violence that goes along with it. First, "Are There Really Different Races?" Second, "Why All Lives Matter". Third, "Racial reconciliation: The Gospel is the answer". Fourth, "The fallacy of racism". I hope what I've presented will be edifying for you.