Modern Genetics Supporting Bible History

As we know, or should know by now, scientists do not go around collecting data and then seek to organize it. Instead, they have ideas and presuppositions; a "let's see what this does" approach can be helpful. Would a particles-to-pathologist evolutionist see if information supports the Bible? Not too often these days, old son.

Creation scientists have to do the work that secular scientists will ignore. In this case, DNA evidence supports what the Bible says, humanity is descended from the wives of Noah's sons.
Schematic representation of the human mitochondrial genome
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A creation scientist saddled up and rode the Genetic Trail and had some very interesting findings. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) data were downloaded from all major people groups, ran software, did other calculations — and demonstrated that ancestry can be traced back to the wives of Noah's sons! This supports the young Earth view of biblical creationists, and causes some consternation for evolutionists.
When research biologist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson plotted hundreds of human mitchondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences onto a tree diagram, the project revealed an obvious pattern: The mtDNA stemmed from three central “trunks” or nodes instead of just one. Three trends in Jeanson’s data suggest that the wives of Noah’s sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth best explain this finding.

Mothers pass mtDNA to every new generation. It comes from the mother’s egg cell and contains 16,569 chemical base pairs—either adenine-thymine or guanine-cytosine—organized to encode vital information, like words in an instruction manual. Sometimes a DNA copying error, known as a mutation, leaves a different base in place of the original. Several empirical studies reveal that about one human mtDNA mutation occurs every six generations. When a mother’s egg cell mtDNA mutates in one place, the child conceived from that egg cell—plus, if the child is female, later descendants—inherits that difference. This leaves a genetic trail that can lead back to mtDNA ancestry.
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