Your God-Given Teeth and You

Do these crowns I own mean that I'm a royal personage? Probably not, they're all in my mouth. Bacteria gets in there, wreaks havoc, and I pay big money to get the crowns. Still, our teeth are very strong. Dentin, that stuff beneath tooth enamel, is actually quite durable. It has to be, since out teeth come into contact about 1.8 million times a year, and a bit is somewhere around 70 pounds per square inch (mainly in the back molars). A silverback gorilla bite at 1,300 PSI, and the saltwater crocodile chows in at about 7,700 PSI. Not important, but I thought it was interesting anyway.

We put our teeth through a great deal of stress, but they're surprisingly durable. They are a well-designed gift of our Creator, and are even being studied for biomimetics.
Image credit: Clker clipart
Scientists did a study on dentin, and were impressed at what what they found. In addition, they are hoping for biomimetics development so we can have replacement parts more along the lines of what our Creator gave us.
Aspects of human teeth appear over-designed for their function.

Apparently German scientists are less reticent about appealing to the supernatural in science. We’re saying this partly in jest, of course, because they did not really invoke spirits in the title of a press release from Charit√© — Universit√§tsmedizin Berlin, “Dentin nanostructures – a super-natural phenomenon.” They’re only explaining “Why it is superior to any synthetic filling material at making teeth last.” It’s super-human, perhaps.
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