Did Solar Flares from the Faint Young Sun Bring Life to Earth?

The hands at the Darwin Ranch down Deception Pass way have been hitting the firewater again and telling tall tales — and getting paid. Wild speculation has been recorded and presented as "science", but there's a bit of disagreement with someone spoiling the celebration by bringing up a few facts. Then some yahoo brings up a completely different idea. We have a pair of related articles on these matters for your perusal.

The cosmic evolutionary "faint young sun paradox" has a pair of speculations offered as solutions. One adds the origin of life on Earth. Neither bothers with actual evidence.
M6.4 class solar flare erupting, image credit: NASA / SDO
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One of the oldest problems for evolutionists is the "faint young sun paradox". Basically, since everything is supposedly the result of the Big Bang, our sun was too cool to support life on Earth. Life couldn't evolve. But they insist on an ancient universe, so there's the "paradox". One Darwinista in the pseudoscience of astrobiology proposed a solution to the problem, but naturally, it involves a whole whack of assumptions and a stack of bleary-eyed, "Then this coulda happened, too!" concepts. So, the first article:
A major mystery for materialistic planetary science is solved—if you can swallow the miracles required.

For decades, evolutionists have faced a major obstacle in their story. Life is thought to have originated on the Earth within a billion years of its formation, but at the time, astronomers tell them the sun was fainter than it is now. It would have been too weak to keep water liquid in Earth’s orbit. A frozen Earth might never come out of its deep freeze even as the sun warmed. This “faint young sun paradox” has troubled many materialists wishing to weave a seamless scenario from big bang to man.

Now, Astrobiology Magazine has a “possible solution to the faint young sun paradox” (also posted on Science Daily). It’s possible, that is, if you can keep these factors happening in the right order in the right quantities:
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So glad to have you back! Next up, regarding the yahoo that had the other idea: solar flares solve both problems. Right, the sun was too cool, but the occasional intermittent solar flare provided life-giving materials as well as enough heat too cause life on Earth. Problem is, these are the same people that say solar flares around other stars have ripped away other planets' atmospheres. Some other "science" involves speculation that other cosmic acts of violence may have cause life elsewhere in our solar system. In both of these stories, we have no evidence, contrary facts, and desperation to avoid admitting that the universe was put into place by an omnipotent Creator, and he did it far more recently than they want to believe. Here's the second installment:
A NASA scientist proposes that a period of superflares on the early sun zapped life into existence on the earth.

Vladimir Airapetian, a solar scientist at NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, thinks he can kill two evolutionary conundrums with one blast. “Superflares from the Sun May Have Sparked Life by Warming Earth,” Mike Wall writes for Space.com (a piece echoed by Live Science). Simultaneously, the flares produced nitrous oxide, a potent greenhouse gas, to keep earth warm when the sun was smaller back then, solving the old “faint young sun paradox.”
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