Trees in the City — and Creation

It's interesting how, even in the concrete jungles of big cities, elements of nature still thrive. Especially with a little help. There are trees on the outskirts of cities, the suburbs, that sort of thing — and within the cities. They break up the monotony and look nice. But they are also shown to be beneficial.

We know that trees give us oxygen, shade, and so forth. But they also give us other unexpected health benefits - another gift from our Creator.
Trees in Boise, Idaho. Image credit: FreeImages / Benjamin Earwicker
Most of us know that plants take in our exhaled carbon dioxide, use it, and return the favor by producing oxygen. But they also give some unexpected health benefits to humans. There is no record of tree evolution, and when you add this fact to the benefits that trees provide us, I reckon you could realize that they are a gift from our caring Creator.
A recent U.S. Forest Service study estimated that the trees planted along California streets provide a billion dollars’ worth of human benefit each year. And that benefit comes cheap. This analysis reveals five tree-related benefits that identify where trees fit in the origins controversy.

These trees do require upkeep, like limb trimming or repairing tree-related damage such as root-torn sidewalks. But the results appearing in the journal Urban Forestry and Urban Greening from three California forest researchers show that for every dollar spent on tree upkeep, tree benefits supply at least $5.82. The study authors concluded that each of the state’s 9.1 million street trees offers around $110.63 in total benefits per year.

How can these silent green giants generate so much good while making so little fuss?
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