Dimensional DNA Refutes Evolution

A huge problem for advocates of particles-to-painter evolution is the genome, which is recalcitrant to their purposes. Some evolutionists get on their high horses and imperiously proclaim that DNA supports evolution. Ain't happening, old son. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Comparing the genome to computer programs can work for a while, but it fails quickly. The four-dimensional genome's amazingly complex operating system shows that there is no way it could have evolved.
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The human genome is chock full o' specified complexity, and scientists are learning more and more all the time. Even the comparatively simple E. coli bacterium can be compared to a computer program, and is more efficient. It seems that our amazing genome is complex and efficient at the same time, and analogies to computer program get left behind in the dust on the trail. Computer programs operate in one dimension, and the genome operates in four dimensions. There is no way such a thing could have arisen through naturalistic processes, and must be the product of the superior Mind. Yippie ky yay, evolutionists!
The human genome is the most complex computer operating system anywhere in the known universe. It controls a super-complex biochemistry that acts with single-molecule precision. It controls the interaction network of hundreds of thousands of proteins. It is a wonderful testament to the creative brilliance of God and an excellent example of the scientific bankruptcy of neo-Darwinian theory. Why? Because the more complex life is, the less tenable evolutionary theory becomes. Super-complex machines cannot be tinkered with haphazardly or they will break. And super-complex machines do not arise from random changes.

I am serious when I compare the genome to a computer operating system. The only problem with this analogy is that we have no computers that can compare to the genome in terms of complexity or efficiency. It is only on the most base level that the analogy works, but that is what makes the comparison so powerful. After millions of hours of writing and debugging we have only managed to create operating systems that can run a laptop or a server, and they crash, a lot. The genome, though, runs a hyper-complex machine called the human body. The organization of the two are radically different as well.
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