Fundamental Flaw Flusters Evolutionists

Once again, a fatal flaw in fungus-to-philologist evolution has been found, putting the evolutionary establishment in an uproar. Fossils have been misinterpreted, and the discovered problem means that the "facts" are stampeding away to freedom on the open plains.

Evolutionists found out that they've been doing certain fossil analysis all wrong, and years of research is worthless. We creationists tried to tell you folks, but would you listen?
Image credit: US National Park Service,
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The method of correcting fossil diversity records has been found to be extremely inaccurate. The authors suggest a phylogenetic approach, which is still based on the presumption of evolution, and is circular reasoning. In reality, the only worldview that makes sense of the data and doesn't need excuses from Charlie Darwin's Fudge Factory is: biblical creation.
Fossils may be real, but the methods used to analyze them have come under fire, with implications for Darwinian theory.

It can ruin your whole day. Finding that, after years of work, your assumptions undermine everything you believed can be hard to take. But that’s exactly what scientists at the Universities of Bristol and Reading (UK) announced: “Flawed analysis casts doubt on years of evolutionary research.” What went wrong?
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