More Signs of a Young Solar System

Predictions and expectations of secular models of the age and formation of the solar system are not happening. 

"Don't biological, chemical, and cosmic evolution give opportunities for predictions, Cowboy Bob? "

They would if they were true, and if scientists actually understood what they were talking about before pontificating. But they're not true, and secular scientists have a habit of being un-humble.

More signs from Mars, Venus, and the Rosetta comet mission that the solar system is nowhere near as old as secularists think.
Maat Mons volcano on Venus image credit: NASA/JPL, who would not endorse this site
Some newer problems for secularists are occurring out yonder. Mars has carbon dioxide eruptions that are eroding the surface that look to be about 2,500 years old. Rescuing devices are being utilized. Meanwhile, Venus is showing signs of very recent volcanic activity. Then there's that Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko mission by Rosetta, which I suspicion that scientists may be regretting because they're none to happy with the results about comet dust, the formation of the planets, and the age of the solar system itself. That's because they start with bad assumptions and deny that the life, the universe, and everything were created much more recently than they want to admit.

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