Evolutionists Thrown Out at Third Base

Heading up Deception Pass way, you might catch the hands at the Darwin Ranch feeling a mite glum over the outcome of the latest facts. Another of their latest efforts to support common-ancestor evolution has been thrown onto the compost pile out back. Again, it involves DNA, which has never been a friend to their paradigm.

Evolutionists said that bases in codons supported evolution, but that was disproved. They held out for the third base codon, and that, too, has failed them.
Image credit: Pixabay / PublicDomainPictures
Evolutionary scientists show a heap of hubris by asserting that something is due to evolution because they don't understand it. For example, the "junk" DNA fiasco, where sections of DNA were declared leftover junk from our alleged evolutionary past, then discovered to be very important indeed. Three bases in RNA work on coding for a protein. The third base was considered redundant (no reflection on Kris Bryant), therefore, evolution could maybe perhaps occur. Evolutionists tried this trick before to no avail, and it's not working now. (They can cry, protest, and riot if they want to, but that won't change the outcome of the facts.) The specified complexity of DNA is far beyond the possibility of evolution, and is clearly the product of our Creator.
One of the main themes of evolution is the belief that certain types of DNA sequences freely mutate and develop new functions that allow for new creatures to evolve. This mostly mythical concept was applied to the protein-coding regions of genes, but in recent years this idea was discredited by the discovery of multiple codes imbedded in the same sequence—because the disruption of these codes is typically harmful, mutations are not tolerated. And now another critical imbedded code was discovered, further discrediting the idea of pervasive mutable DNA in genes.
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