Not So Smart, Really

Here we are with our digital technology, space rockets, increases in medical care, and more. God some mighty fine plans for the future, too, if we don't blast ourselves back a thousand years. We think we're lords of all we survey, don't we? Reckon so. Except that the idea that we're more intelligent than our ancestors is based on evolutionary presuppositions and arrogance. The storyline goes that stupid brutes evolved, then gradually evolved intelligence, and on from there. Not hardly!

We think we're getting more intelligent, but that's based on evolutionary assumptions. History gives a different picture of ancient humans that is contrary to evolution.
Image credit: Pixabay / Gerd Altmann
We're not really the sharpest knives in the drawer, we've just accumulated more knowledge and learned a lot. When you study on ancient people (including the surprising, fully-human Neanderthals), you'll see that there are many examples in ancient history of human ingenuity. People with an evolutionary paradigm get all worked up over this and sometimes even say that our ancestors had help from aliens because they "could not" be clever enough to do what they done did. Of course they did those things! Man was created in the image of God, fully functional, intelligent, from the get-go.
We live in a technological age. We see incredible inventions all around us that have been mastered since the Industrial Revolution. We have computers, phones, radar, heart stents, cars, jets, spaceships (and a space station!), and let’s not forget the brilliant invention called . . . air conditioning!

We might be tempted to say that man is getting smarter because we have all these great inventions and new gadgets at our fingertips. But are we? I suggest we need to exercise caution on this subject.
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