The Quantum Soul?

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

The soul has been a source of controversy for a mighty long time. What is it? Where does it reside? Is there a difference between soul and spirit? Some Christians believe that humans are sort of triune, saying something to the effect of, "You are a soul, you have a spirit, and you live in a body". This may reflect the Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Others believe in only two aspects, with soul and spirit being interchangeable.

Secularists contradict their naturalistic views by searching for the location of the soul. One says the answer is in quantum physics, but this is logically fallacious.
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Secular scientists with their materialistic (often reductionist) worldviews contradict themselves. They use the laws of logic, but those are not material things. For that matter, some consider mathematics to be something pure, but numbers are also immaterial. The secular worldview precludes the existence of God and spirits, and yet, scientists search for the location of free will, which indicates that they believe there is a soul (or consciousness, if you will) after all. And yet, they believe that naturalistic evolutionism can explain what is experienced.

Looking for the immaterial spirit/soul/consciousness is pretty close to the logical fallacy called the category error, using material means to search for something that is not material. Atheists make that error when they demand scientific proof of God, who is not confined to the space-time limits of his creation, and is a spirit.

Now, I don't cotton to near-death experiences (NDEs) as being conclusive evidence of life after death. However, a neurosurgeon makes a compelling case that the soul is independent of the brain, and only uses the brain as a vehicle. He believes that this is a truth that needs to be pursued.

Some scientists, such as physicist Roger Penrose (who rejects the concept of cosmic inflation), believe that there is evidence that the soul lives on after death, and have reduced the soul to information stored at the quantum level. One of the main problems with reductionism is that this philosophy is dehumanizing and sterile. 

Although secularists in general deny the Bible, the truth is there. We have souls, and will be judged by God our Creator. Are you prepared for where you will spend eternity?