Evolutionists Admit They Have Serious Problems

Some evolutionists are admitting that the core assumptions of evolution have been disproved. That's what creationists have been telling them all along.

Although some fundamentalist evolutionists try to insist that there is strong evidence for their beliefs, especially in the area of genetics, other scientists admit that they have a heap of trouble. Scientific advances are showing that evolution is breaking down, even though the faithful keep making excuses for bad "theories". Worse for them, biblical creationists are being shown correct all along. 

Traditional Darwinism of natural selection being the key to evolution has been largely abandoned in favor of combining natural selection with mutations (neo-Darwinism). That's being disproved left and right, and some are seeking a "third way" of evolution. There is no evidence for evolution, old son. Instead, the evidence supports creation.
On the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the structure of DNA, science writer Dr Philip Ball wrote an article in Nature saying, “we do not fully understand how evolution works at the molecular level.” Ball referred to advances in understanding how DNA works to make organisms. The old idea of DNA comprising genes that are simple strings of DNA ‘letters’ that each makes an RNA copy, and then a protein, is simplistic—to the point of being misleading, he said.
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