Weak Storytelling to Dodge Genesis Flood Evidence

When presented with evidence that does not conform to long-age and evolutionary expectations, secularists employ rescuing devices. Sure, we all have rescuing devices, but to for scientists to reject investigation and simply make excuses is, well, inexcusable.

After all, scientists who are supposed to be interested in evidence. Instead, many will make up stories, ignore the evidence, call biblical creationists "liars", and other silliness.

When confronted with evidence contrary to deep-time and evolutionary views, secularists ignore the data or make up unscientific excuses.
Image credit: US National Park Service
Marine fossils are found in areas that are (or were) considered fresh water places. Instead of saying that something started out as a fresh water creature and then somehow evolved to salt water doesn't cut it, old son. These owlhoots make up stories without anything resembling evidence, and Evolution's True Believers™ accept guesswork as fact. Since there's such a mixture of fossils, the best explanation for what is found is the Genesis Flood.
On a recent visit to the Royal Tyrell Museum in Alberta, Canada, I headed straight to the famous Dinosaur Hall that houses over 40 mounted specimens, including the Tyrannosaurus rex known as “Black Beauty.” However, a seemingly insignificant pair of fossil fish caught my eye—fossils that illustrate the fallacy inherent in uniformitarian thought and interpretation.

The first display was a beautifully preserved fossil herring with signage stating, “Modern herring live in salt water, but close Eocene relatives were abundant in the fresh water lakes of western North America.” A second display featured a spectacularly preserved fossil ray and claimed, “Rays are rarely preserved as fossils, in part because their skeletons are made of cartilage rather than bone. Most rays prefer salt water, making this fresh water form an even more remarkable fossil.”
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