About that Feathered Mud Dragon Thingie

Seems like feathers have been in the science news quite a bit lately. The biggest story was the attempt to say that a feathered tail fragment in amber belonged to a dinosaur. Recently, we looked at reports of fossilized bird feathers that had proteins and pigments. Now we have the "mud dragon" fossil, from a report in November 2016.

A fossil shows that a dinosaur was buried in mud. Some evolutionists claim it had feathers, even though there is no evidence for that. Evolutionists give weak "explanations" for the mud and the alleged feathers.
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There are two aspects to the story. First, the claim that it had feathers, even though there's no evidence of that. This apparently came about because some bumps on a dinosaur looked kinda sorta like the beginnings of feathers, especially if you squint really hard and ignore other possible (and more logical) explanations. Also, they shove it into the "dinosaurs-to-birds" myth to get away from admitting there's a Creator. Therefore, illogically speaking, this one must have had feathers as well. Some creationary scientists have a view of, "If a dinosaur was conclusively shown to have feathers, so what? It doesn't prove they evolved into birds". But owlhoot evolutionists use bad science and worse logic to leap to that conclusion, so it's good to at least try to keep them honest.

Another part of the story is that the fossilized critter was buried in mud when it died. Evolutionists have a sad story, but it doesn't explain the evidence right in front of their eyes. Rapid burial because of the Genesis Flood is the far better explanation.
Evolutionary scientists recently announced another spectacular dinosaur discovery. They nicknamed this one the Mud Dragon because it seems it died buried in mud. Junchang Lü and co-authors describe the new oviraptorid dinosaur in Scientific Reports.

This is the sixth oviraptor-like dinosaur unearthed from the Ganzhou area of Jiangxi Province in southeastern China. The Chinese name for this poor creature is Tongtianlong limosus or “muddy dragon on the road to heaven” due to its unusual posture.
To read the rest, click on "'Mud Dragon' Is Really 'Flood Dragon'". ADDENDUM: Many creationists feel it don't make no nevermind if some dinosaurs did have feathers. Problem is, evolutionists are using their principle of Making Stuff Up™ and talking about feathers when none were found. They want to believe in feathers, fine. But tell what was actually found, not what you sidewinders wanted to find, savvy? See "Sorry, how many feathers did you find? More feathered-dinosaur story telling".