Fossils of Early Birds Baffle Evolutionists

Paleontologists seem to have found bird fossils dated at 120 million Darwin years (I said "seem to have found" because the location in China has been the source of bad material in the past). Darwinistas managed to give the required homage to evolution, and then speculated on the origin of colors in feathers. The "remarkably preserved" fossils gave rise to further speculations and assertions without evidence and mechanisms. Worse for their old Earth beliefs, the feathers were "modern" looking. Of course they were, Earth and everything in it was created much more recently than is dreamt of in their philosophies.  For more about this, see "Early Fossil Bird Feathers Were Modern and Colorful".

Bird fossils are yielding evidence against long ages and evolution. Not only are colorful feather pigments found, but original proteins.
Image credit: Pixabay / Pexels
Moving on, additional information came in. A bird fossil that dates 10 million Darwin years older than those discussed above has a few surprises. The paper involved Mary Schweitzer, known for the discoveries of soft tissues in dinosaur fossils. We have original proteins. Many assertions about the birds were made, but they cannot explain (nor did they predict) that proteins lasted 130 million years. Answer: although well-preserved, the planet isn't that old. To read details, click on "More Original Protein Found in Older Bird Fossil".

Can't get enough of watching evolutionists try to explain away inconvenient evidence? Great, I have one more for you. It's a further development of the original protein article just above. How did fossils get so well preserved? Darwinists get infuriated, but the best answers is the Genesis Flood. More information can be found at "Fossil Feather Proteins Confirm Recent Flood".