Star Formation Storytelling Failures Continue

Believers in cosmic evolution insist that stars formed in the past, and they are forming today. Nice tale, since nobody has seen a star form (it takes 100,000 to tens of millions of years in Evospeak). Secular astronomers have manifold stories about old stars, new stars, red stars, blue stars, how they formed, and so forth. When flaws in their credenda are descried, circular reasoning ensues: "Of course stars evolved from the Big Bang. We see them, ya idjit!"

Secularists have many assertions and stories about star formation, but they cannot produce an adequate model.
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech, who would not endorse this site even if they knew it existed
Secularists have told wild tales that have been discredited, made numerous assertions, and even lied outright, but have yet to present a plausible model of how the laws of physics can be superseded in the formation of all them stars up yonder. The logical conclusion from scientific evidence and failed conjectures is that God created the universe.
Many astronomy articles have a bad habit of assuming star formation without demonstrating or explaining it.

In Hollywood, A Star Is Born by intelligent design. Out in the near vacuum of space, however, it’s complicated. The laws of physics don’t cooperate. Gravity may begin condensing gas and dust toward a hopeful career in the lights, but then those darn laws of heat and pressure take over, pushing the gas back out. Something has to give the gas an extra push to make it over the pressure barrier. Maybe a supernova explosion could do it. That appeal, however, is likely to get philosophers of science smirking. They will ask, “If that is your answer, where did the first stars come from, before there were no supernovas?” [For purists, that’s supernovae.] “You can’t require stars to make stars.”
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