Fossil Timers Fail Evolution

There has been a wagon train-load of news about fossils, especially aspects of soft tissues, because what has been found is oppugnant to minerals-to-mocker evolution. Proponents have gone into damage control by looking for excuses, making wild extrapolations (such as, "Iron preserved tissues for a year in a lab, therefore, they were preserved for millions of years in the wild"), going into denial, and even calling biblical creationists "liars". Their worldview is threatened by reality, and they can't deal with it.

Evolutionists are upset by facts supporting creation and refuting "deep time" and evolution. There are certain "timers" that they cannot legitimately deny.
Image credit: Morguefile / gary3141
But these owlhoots are not entitled to mangle the facts to suit the Darwinian storyline, nor are they entitled to make up their own facts. There are "timers" in biology; things will dissipate after a long enough period. Pigments, chitin, collagen, and more have been found that should be there if the fossils were as old as evolutionists claim — the timers would have expired. The facts support recent creation, pilgrim.
If fossils really are millions of years old, then the Bible has problems. It would place death before sin—undermining the work of Christ on the cross. It would also fictionalize the Bible’s timeline—undermining confidence in scriptural authority and accuracy. However, if fossils were deposited only thousands of years ago, then the biblical record stands firm. Fortunately, secular researchers have discovered timers that show fossils formed only thousands of years ago, as expected from God’s Word.
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